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When magic meets wood art

Carte blanche was given to Clémentine Bleurvacq to create this magical illustration that respects the slightest codes of our art. Goblets, a wand, a rabbit out of a hat... it's all there, and the artist's imagination is on top of it, with this pile of top hats seemingly coming from an inexhaustible fountain.

Behind this strong symbolism lies a genuine objet d'art that you can proudly frame or even display to show your love for magic art.

Clémentine or "La Dame au Serpent" is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Her distinctive style, imagination and creativity enable her to bring all her ideas to life through her pencil strokes. A talent that enables her to offer both digital and traditional renderings on original media, such as the woodcut we're presenting today. If you like her work, we invite you to follow her on Instagram.

We draw your attention to the size of the object, and to the fact that the photos cannot be contractual, as the wood is of natural origin, the fibers will vary from one engraving to another, making it all the more unique. Thanks to Jean-Claude Piveteau for this beautiful photo of the engraving displayed in his collection.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 cm
Illustration & engraving

Clémentine Bleurvacq


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