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Dive into the secret of the constellations


Imagine having a deck of 12 cards, each with a star sign on it... and being able to tell which sign you've chosen without any suspicious movement.


Julien Losa

When Thibault demonstrated Constellations to me, I had a broad smile on my face... For several reasons: the cards arouse interest because of their originality... Then after the demonstration, like any magician/mentalist to whom another magician/mentalist has given a demo, you...look for the method and although there's an obvious solution, it's not really the one you're thinking of, the solution, in this case, is...elsewhere! Bravo Thibault! This is brilliant, and clearly a future addition to my mentalist toolkit!

Gérard Bakner

In my opinion, the most beautiful version of the astrological sign revelation. Don't miss out on this superb effect.


Twelve richly illustrated astrological sign cards are presented. These cards have been designed to create a real atmosphere, and their design has been meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience. Holes are provided to represent the stars, so you can add that poetic touch by flashing your phone behind the card and making the constellations glow.

The twelve cards can be freely shuffled by the spectator, who is invited to choose a card (no forcing). You can remain constantly from behind without ever seeing the chosen card, and yet you'll be able to know it in a fraction of a second. You are then free to reveal it in any way you wish.

You can also ask the audience to choose their own star sign. This way, you won't be revealing a chosen sign, but guessing the viewer's personal sign... reaction guaranteed!

Presented for the FFAP 2023 congress, this trick caused a sensation with its simplicity of execution and devastating effect.


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Constellations mentioned several times as "tour of the year 2023"!


A few key points:

  • No complex systems to memorize
  • No calculation required
  • You don't have to remember anything, the cards do all the work for you, so you can concentrate exclusively on the presentation.
  • Immediate reset, can be redone without preparation
  • No rosary or cards in a certain order
  • Once you know the secret, you'll never forget it!


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3 reviews for Constellations

  1. faramusfaramus (confirmed customer) -

    I received today the 8/11/23.
    The principle is intelligent, simple and quick to assimilate. No memory effort and super logical. I haven't tested it with a real audience yet, but I'll try it out this weekend. On Saturday, we'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Eventail magic club, and then Sunday morning, we'll be having a strolling close-up.
    I'll be giving my feedback on this weekend's experiences.
    I've come up with a performance that I think is very well suited to the principle of creating an invisible, natural effect for the audience.

  2. Benoit Hoyos (confirmed customer) -

    The marking principle is absolutely brilliant and easy to learn.
    The cards are of high quality.
    Jumbo cards for the stage would be a welcome addition.
    Perhaps a discreet liner on a small box or envelope for transport?
    Bravo for this shared invention.

  3. Gilles Villeneuve (confirmed customer) -

    Very nice piece! Excellent product quality and very good advice from the designer.

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