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About us

Le Cabinet d'Illusions aims to promote ever more original magic.

Indeed, who hasn't seen dozens of times the Chinese rings, the Japanese snow, a D'Lite routine, an ambitious card... so many excellent tricks that no longer surprise magicians or spectators. Magic, the art of amazement par excellence, at this point becomes an unsurprising show where everything is expected.

So how do you add real added value to your magic, so that you can move on from classic effects to ones that are out of the ordinary? This is the kind of original, creative magic we're aiming for. Le Cabinet d’Illusions. Our aim is to create ever more original effects, new methods and books on new themes that will enable you to really stand out from the crowd and develop your creativity.

International Create Illusion Innovation Award in 2023 for Code

Why this name?

Because we believe that learning more about the history of our art can help us to create, we regularly publish books on the history of magic. One of the first to be published by le Cabinet d’Illusions was about a dog named Munito, who performed magic tricks with his master in early 19th-century Paris... in a Cabinet d'Illusions!

A place where such an atypical magic show could be performed was bound to inspire us! And so the name Cabinet d'Illusions stuck, to promote ever more original magic!

Our consulting business

Of course, the help we offer goes far beyond publishing. We're committed to bringing something new and original to the art of magic, which is why we're constantly developing tailor-made illusions and new methods for professional magicians. Think back to the last magic show or act you saw. How many original illusions can you name? Staging is also a factor that is all too often neglected, yet it can add a great deal of freshness to a classic trick.

Many professional magicians place their trust in us, whether for the creation of a customized illusion, a televised act or a magic contest.

So if you're looking for original, creative and out-of-the-ordinary magic, you've come to the right place! Browse through our online publications and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, an idea you'd like to put into practice, or simply to discuss our shared passion!

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